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-Greenhaw v. City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa -- Motion to Strike (Issue: strike expert witness testimony)02/17/2009
-EEOC v. CRST -- Motion to Compel (Issues: Attorney-client privilege, Work-product, 30(b)(6) depos)01/20/2009
-Pearson v. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. -- R&R; ERISA, Accidental Death Benefits01/06/2009
-Stillmunkes v. Givaudan Flavors Corp, et al (Motion for leave to amend; [Rule 15(a) and Rule 16(a) discussed.)12/10/2008
-Russell A. Folkers v. City of Waterloo, Iowa, Darrel Johnson, & Maria Tiller -- Summary Judgment Motion. Issues: Deprivation of Constitutional Rights: Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment (procedural due process and substantial due process)10/27/2008
-EEOC (Plaintiff) & Boot, Grant, Koffett, Peeples, Starke, & Thomas (Plaintiffs/Interveners) v CRST Van Expedited, Inc. (Defendant) -- Motion to Intervene (Issues: Timeliness and futility of the proposed Complaint included with the motion)09/26/2008
-Thompson, Hinrichsen, Fogel, Alm, & Boe v. United Transportation Union--Motion to Amend Complaint. Issues: Tmeliness and Futility (Preemption and Duty of Fair Representation)09/25/2008
-Kyle Chyma v. Tama County School Board, Larry Molachek, Steve Burr, and Ernie Tomlinson (motion for summary judgment--Issues: (1) Due Process Violated, (2) First Amendment Rights, (3) Section 1983 Claim Based on FERPA, (4) Compliance of Iowa Code Section 282.4)09/08/2008
-John Cyril Lapid Buenaventura v. Jerry Burt, Warden--Report and Recommendation (Right to consular notification, Sufficiency of the evidence, Ineffective assistance of counsel (exclusion of harassment and vandalism evidence and failure to investigate)08/29/2008
-Candy Bailey v. Komatsu Forklift U.S.A., Inc. -- Deadline for Completion of Discovery07/07/2008
-American Family Ins. v. Robert Miell -- Post-Trial Motions: new trial (testimony & other "bad acts," punitive damage instruction); judgment as a matter of law or in the alternative to amend judgment (judgment as a matter of law pursuant to Iowa Code Sec. 515.101, punitive damages award "unconstitutionally excessive?); attorney fees; bill of costs)07/01/2008
-Industrial Risk Insurers v. D.C. Taylor Company -- Motion to Compel (Issues: timeliness of the motion; conference between the attorneys; waiver of objections; merits of objections)05/28/2008
-Lee Borntrager, et al v. Central States, Southeast and Southwest Areas Pension Fund--Motions for Summary Judgment (trust agreement in violation of fed. law?; arbitrary & capricious actions?; bad faith or improper motive?)04/22/2008
-Rayburn v. Wady Industries, Inc.--Motion for Partial Summary Judgment (wrongful discharge in violation of public policy)04/10/2008
-Lewis v. J&M P'ship, F&F Inv, Air Mak & E. James Freyberger-Ruling on Motion to Extend Time (failure to obtain extension of time the result of excusable neglect, showing of good cause to extend pleadings deadline)04/04/2008
-International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace & Agricultural Implement Workers of America and United Auto Workers Local 13 v. Rousselot, Inc. (motions for summary judgment--compel arbitration and attorney fees)02/29/2008
-McGowan v. Soy Basics (order for judgment--attorney fees)02/06/2008
-Flynn v. Farmer Masonry, Inc. and Dwayne Farmer, Individually (motion to quash lien on real estate; homestead exemption, Iowa law)02/06/2008
-Industrial Risk Insurers et al v. DC Taylor Co. (contested motion for leave to amend) 01/04/2008
-USA vs. Cashier’s Check in the Amount of Five Hundred Nineteen Thousand Four Hundred Eighty-Six Dollars and Twelve Cents $519,486.12) and Cashier’s Check in the Amount of Twenty-One Thousand Eight Hundred Thirteen Dollars and Eighty-Eight Cents ($21,813.88) (motion to strike answer)12/24/2007
-James G. Thomas, Kerry Thomas, Gregory Norlin, Nancy Norlin and Sierra Club vs. United States Environmental Protection Agency, Stephen L. Johnson, Administrator, and John B. Askew, Regional Administrator, Region VII OF The United States Environmental Protection Agency (Report and Recommendation re whether EPA properly approved Iowa's Section 303(d) list)12/17/2007
-Roger Walters vs. Purdential Insurance Company of America (Report and Recommendation--ERISA--long-term disability benefits)11/30/2007
-Jason Paul Annis vs. City of Welwein; Chief Jeremy Logan; David Bloem; and Ronald Voshell, Individually and in their official capacities (application to depose federal inmate)11/26/2007
-Robert Rakes,Robert Hollander, Individually, and on behalf of all others similarly situated vs. Life Investors Insurance Company of America (motion; amended answer)11/09/2007
-Richard L. McGowan, LTD., Inc., vs. Soy Basics, L.L.C. (bench trial, breach of contract)11/08/2007
-Walter Junior Hoskins, III vs. Cornell Smith, Warden of Fort Dodge Correctional Facility of Iowa's Department of Corrections (Report and Recommendation on motion for evidentiary hearing & expand record, illegal search, identity of confidential informant)10/30/2007
-Russell A. Folkers vs. City of Waterloo, Iowa, Darrel Johnson, in his individual capacity and as Animal Control Officer for City of Waterloo, Iowa, and Maria Tiller, in her individual capacity and as Animal Control Officer for the City of Waterloo, Iowa (Report and Recommendation re preliminary injunction--dangerous dog)10/12/2007
-Christine Pospisil vs. O'Reilly Automotive, Inc., Randy Swaim, and Jon Workman (sex discrimination, retaliation)10/05/2007
-Earl Harrison and Mariam P. Harrison vs. Rockwell Collins, Inc., Aetna Life Insurance Comany, and Rockwell Collins Employee Health Plan Number 700 (denial of benefits for hospital bills)09/25/2007
-Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Western Reserve Life Assurance Co. of Ohio, and Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Plaintiffs/Counterclaim Defendants, vs. Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Defendant/Counterclaimant (motion to compel--completely answer interrogatory)09/24/2007
-Pincheck, L.C. vs. Tempo Payments, Inc. (motion to strike affirmative defenses)08/30/2007
-David Goings, Lewine Boucher-Goings, and Juanita Goings vs. Chickasaw County; Martin Larsen, Individually and in his official capacity; Todd Miller, Individually and in his official capacity; and City of Nashua (motion to strike designation of experts)08/27/2007
-James R. Woelfel vs. Jerry Burt, Warden, Anamosa State Penitentiary (Report and Recommendation re 2254, exhaustion, ineffective assistance of counsel, double jeopardy)08/15/2007
-Moore Development, LTD., vs. M.G. Midwest, Incl, d/b/a Movie Gallery; a/k/a Movie Gallery US, LLC; a/k/a Movie Gallery US, Inc. (breach of contract, promissory/equitable estoppel, intentional interference with prospective business relations)08/13/2007
-Cletus F. Johnson, Petitioner vs Jerry Burt, Warden, Respondent (Report and Recommendation re 2254, prosecutorial misconduct, Batson claim)07/30/2007
-CNH Capital America LLC. vs. Tim McCandless, d/b/a McCandless Farms (motion in limine-contract)06/22/2007
-American Family Mutual Insurance Company vs Robert Miell Robert Miell vs Brett Throlson and Brett Throlson Agency, INC. (motion for summary judgment on negligence, contribution, & indemnification)05/23/2007
-CNH Capital America LLC vs. Tim McCandless, d/b/a McCandless Farms (breach of contract, aiding & abetting, conspiracy, fraudulent misrepresentation)05/18/2007
-Pamela R. Reed vs. Cedar County and Cedar County Scheriff, Daniel Hannes M. Leanne Tyler, Claimant (attorney lien)05/07/2007
-Larry Cirksena vs. Farmers Cooperative Company; Daniel Scott Forey, Individually and in his official capacity as General Manager, and James Edward Hawkins, Individually and in his official capacity as Department Manager (age discrimination)04/30/2007
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