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-US v. Daniel Lee Wilson -- R&R; Motion to Suppress-Issues: Fourth Amendment: Entry onto Curtilage, Entry into Porch01/14/2009
-US v. Lesean D. Hardy -- R&R; Motion to Suppress-Issues: Legality of Pat-Down Search, Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Analysis01/05/2009
-US v. Edward Frank Brewer & Rosina Orlantha Rhodes -- R&R; Motions to Suppress-Issues: Fourth Amendment: Traffic Stop; Fifth Amendment: Voluntary Statements01/05/2009
-United States v. Mishan Bradford (R&R--Motion to Suppress (Fourth Amendment; Warrantless Search)08/12/2008
-USA v. Daniel Binion--R&R (motions to suppress evidence-4th Amendment [probable cause for traffic stop and pat-down search] & 5th Amendment [voluntary statement made after refusal to waive Miranda rights])05/06/2008
-USA v. Thomas Ray Reinhart (R&R on motion to suppress--entry into 3rd-party residence on arrest warrant, protective sweep, Franks hearing, Leon good-faith exception)04/08/2008
-US v. Jon Young (R&R on Motion to Suppress--request for counsel)04/03/2008
-US v. John Bolden, Zechariah Benjamin, Nell Brocks, Clarence Ross, III, & Wilson Cleaves (Motion to Sever--Bruton issue)03/07/2008
-USA v. Tony Eugene Goodson (R&R on motion to withdraw guilty plea)02/19/2008
-USA v. Edmond Louis Cote (R&R on motion to suppress evidence (probable cause determination supported by affidavit and sworn oral testimony, Leon good-faith exception)02/06/2008
-USA v. Mack Arthur Davis, Jr. (Report and Recommendation on motion to suppress statements--voluntary waiver of Miranda rights and voluntary statement to police)01/16/2008
-USA v. John Anthony Echols, Jr. (motion to set aside section 851 notice)01/15/2008
-USA vs. John Shuler and Heather Fiorella (Report and Recommendation on motion to suppress, search of residence)09/18/2007
-USA vs. Robert Earl Cole, Jr. (Report and Recommendation on motion to suppress; seizure, voluntary consent urine sample)08/20/2007
-USA vs. Leland Richard Vinton (motion to quash subpoena for billing statement)08/16/2007
-USA vs. Tony Eugene Goodson (conflict of interest for attorneys)08/07/2007
-USA vs. Brook Allen Walton (Report and Recommendation on motion to suppress--Franks case)07/09/2007
-USA vs. Greg Alan Johnson (Report and Recommendation on involuntary treatment of psychotropic medication to restore competency for trial)05/17/2007
-USA vs. Abdel-Ilah Elmardoudi (allow deposition of witness)04/30/2007
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