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-Eugene Nelson v Charles City Comm. School Dist.01/18/2017
-Estate of Leighton Fitz01/18/2017
-James Robert Ernst III v Black Hawk County Jail, et al12/22/2016
-Eastern Iowa Plastics v PI, Inc.12/09/2016
-Minnesota Laweyers Mutual Ins. Co.11/29/2016
-Catherine Bohn v Cedar Rapids Community School District11/18/2016
-Eugene J Nelson v Charles City Community School District11/08/2016
-Lequita Ennard v Transamerica Corporation10/28/2016
-USA v $33,621.0008/17/2016
-Glenn McGhee v State of Iowa08/16/2016
-Na-Churs Plant Food v IRS08/16/2016
-Charleen Corrado v Life Investors Insurance Company08/11/2016
-USA v $33,621, et al07/29/2016
-Patrick James Sr vs Cedar Rapids, City of, Grant Rasmussen and Bruce Payne07/19/2016
-Randy Blanchard v. William Sperfslage07/05/2016
-Lequita Dennard, et al v. Aegon USA, et al07/05/2016
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