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USA v. Wright -- Memorandum Order and Opinion regarding defendant's post-trial motion for a judgment of acquittal and post-trial motion for a new trial. Among other issues, defendant argued that his Sixth Amendment rights were violated by not being allowed to cross-examine a co-conspriator regarding the co-conspriator's exculpatory evidence regarding cooperating witnesses. The court denied both of defendant's motions, holding that his Sixth Amendment rights were not violated and that although the government clearly violated Brady v. Maryland by failing to disclose evidence, there is no probability that the suppressed evidence would have changed the outcome of the trial. 07/11/2016Leonard T. Strand
Perzynski v. Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, et al -- Order granting defendants' motion for summary judgment on plaintiff's claim under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 and her state law claims of malicious prosecution and false imprisonment Court found that plaintiff failed to demonstrate a genuine issue of material fact as to whether probable cause existed at the time of her arrest, whether she was arrested pursuant to an official governmental policy and whether individual defendants knowingly made a false statement to law enforcement, instigated her arrest or acted with malice.06/24/2013Leonard T. Strand
U.S. v. Russell T. Hawley & Hawley Insurance Co.10/13/2011Mark W. Bennett
Neessen v. Arona Corp.; order denying employer's motion for summary judgment in pregnancy discrimination action04/30/2010Linda R. Reade