Public Administrative Orders Index

Public administrative orders not in force are not listed; a complete list of all public administrative orders is available from the Clerk of Court. Descriptions are supplied by the editor and are the opinion of the editor alone.

No. Date FiledBrief Description
10/04/2018RE: Holiday Schedule for Fiscal Year 2019
10/02/2018RE: Attorney Fees
09/12/2018RE: Appointment of United States Magistrate Judge Mark Roberts
09/11/2018RE: Honorable Kelly K.E. Mahoney is Designated Chief Magistrate Judge
08/14/2018RE: Amended Local Rule 83 Effective August 15, 2018 (Supersedes 17-AO-0003-P)
04/13/2018RE: Weapons in the Courthouses of the Northern District of Iowa (Supersedes 17-AO-0009-P)
02/21/2018RE: Magistrate Judge Selection Panel
01/16/2018RE: Exercise of Adjoining District Jurisdiction by United States Magistrate Judges
01/11/2018RE: Case Assignment for District Court Judges
No. Date FiledBrief Description
12/20/2017RE: Forfeiture of Collateral Schedule for the United States Postal Service and the United States Inspection Service
12/19/2017RE: Direct Assignment of Civil Cases to Full-Time United States Magistrate Judges
10/17/2017RE: Holiday Schedule for Fiscal Year 2018
9/29/2017RE: Receipt, Deposit, Investment and Disbursement of Registry Funds
9/20/2017RE: Defendants As Cooperators While On Release
9/21/2017RE: Exercise of Adjoining District Jurisdiction by United States Magistrate Judges
9/13/2017RE: Exercise of Adjoining District Jurisdiction by United States Magistrate Judges
8/30/2017Superseded by 18-AO-0004-P
RE: Weapons in the Courthouses
8/30/2017RE: The Use of Devices in the Courthouse
06/01/2017RE: Case Assignment for District Court Judges (Supercedes 16-AO-0002-P)
04/26/2017RE: Instructions and Worksheet for Civil Trial Schedule and Discovery Plan
04/26/2017RE: Letters of Support
04/26/2017Adopts Electronic Case Filing Procedures Manual Effective May 1, 2017 (Supercedes 13-AO-00002-P)
04/26/2017Adopts Amended Local Rules Effective May 1, 2017 (Supercedes 09-AO-00006-P)
02/23/2017RE: Jury Selection Plan (Supercedes 1466 filed 01/20/2000)
01/31/2017RE: Refilling Master Jury Wheel
No. Date FiledBrief Description
12/20/2016RE: Appointment of Chief Magistrate Judge Williams
12/20/2016RE: Reassignment of Magistrate Judge Williams Duty Station
12/20/2016RE: Appointment of Magistrate Judge Mahoney
12/13/2016RE: Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds
10/07/2016RE: Holiday Schedule for FY 2017
09/27/2016RE: Criminal Deadline Extensions
09/02/2016RE: System Sealed Documents (Supersedes 16-AO-0005-P)
07/12/2016RE: Appointment of CLE Coordinator (Supercedes 15-AO-0005-P NDIA)
07/12/2016RE: Required Notice in Supervised Release Revocations (Supercedes 15-AO-0006-P
06/16/2016RE: System-Sealed Documents
06/06/2016RE: Magistrate Judge Selection Panel
02/16/2016RE: Assignment of Social Security Cases (Supercedes 15-AO-0003-P)
03/16/2016RE: Case Assignment for District Court Judges (Supercedes 15-AO-0004-P)
02/16/2016RE: Appointment of Magistrate Judge Williams
No. Date FiledBrief Description
12/15/2015RE: FY16 Holiday Schedule
12/11/2015RE: Amended and Substituted Criminal Justice Act Plan
9/25/2015RE: FY16 Holiday Schedule
7/29/2015RE: Magistrate Judge Selection Panel
05/22/2015RE:Adopts the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ schedule of penalties for violations of statutes under Title 16 of the United States Code.
03/24/2015Superceded by 16-AO-0006-P
RE: Required Notice in Supervised Release Revocations
03/09/2015Superceded by 16-AO-0007-P
RE: Appointment of CLE Coordinator
02/27/2015Superceded by 16-AO-0002-P
RE: Case Assignment for District Court Judges
02/17/2015Superceded by 16-AO-0003-P
RE: Assignment of Social Security Cases
02/13/2015RE: Refilling Master Jury Wheel
01/22/2015Superceded by 16-AO-0005-P
RE: System-Sealed Documents
No. Date FiledBrief Description
10/14/2014RE: FY15 Holiday Schedule
09/15/2014Order Reappointing Magistrate Judge Jon Stuart Scoles
07/29/2014Order Amending Court Reporting Management Plan
07/02/2014Order Appointing Merit Selection Panel Members
No. Date FiledBrief Description
12/13/2013Re: Social Security Cases - Referring Cases to Magistrate Judge
7/24/2013Appointment of Sean R. Berry as U.S. Attorney
04/17/2013(Superceded by 17-AO-0004-P) Amended Electronic Case Filing Procedures Manual
1/24/2013Authorizes Jury Wheel Refill
No. Date FiledBrief Description
11/19/2012Sets December Holiday Schedule
09/05/2012RE: Relocation To New Cedar Rapids Courthouse
09/04/2012Sets Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule
07/25/2012Superceded by 15-AO-0004-P
06/12/2012Governs the deposit and investment of registry funds
09/24/2012Amends LR 83.1 to appoint a CLE Coordinator for IAND and IASD
06/07/2012Appoints Jon Stuart Scoles as Chief Magistrate Judge for the Northern District of Iowa
06/07/2012Appoints Leonard T. Strand as a U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Northern District of Iowa
03/29/2012Plan For Representation of Indigent Prisoner Plaintiffs in Civil Rights Cases
No.Date FiledBrief Description
12/21/2011RE: Electronic Submission of Interpreter Vouchers Submitted Under The Criminal Justice Act
11/09/2011RE: Advance Authorization of Expenditures with Attachment
08/08/2011Sets Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule
08/11/2011Adopts Amended Local Rules
08/15/2011Appoints Merit Selection Panel for the appointment of a U.S. Magistrate Judge
01/19/20011Authorizes Jury Wheel Refill
No.Date FiledBrief Description
12/20/2010Authorizes acceptance of restitution, fine and special penalty assessment payments prior to entry of Judgment and Commitment Order in criminal cases
10/06/2010Admission to Practice Pro Hac Vice
09/07/2010Sets Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule
03/29/2010Appoints Thad Joseph Collins as Chief Judge For Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District of Iowa
No.Date FiledBrief Description
12/07/2009Eighth Circuit Judicial Council Order approving Local Rule 09-AO-6P, Amended Local Rules Effective December 1, 2009
11/30/2009Electronic Case Filing Procedures Manual Amended December 1, 2009
11/30/2009(Superceded by 17-AO-0003-P) Amended Local Rules Effective December 1, 2009
09/30/2009Sets Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule
8/26/2009Provides Notice of Proposed Amendments To The Local Rules of the United States District Courts For the Northern and Southern Districts of Iowa, To be Effective December 1, 2009
5/29/2009Adopts regulations regarding electronic filing of documentary exhibits
9/3/2009Sets Pro Hac Vice Payments
2/10/2009Authorizes Jury Wheel Refill
No.Date FiledBrief Description
10/31/2008Guidelines for Sentencing Procedures
10/17/2008Sets Holiday Schedule
09/30/2008Guidelines on Taxation of Costs by the Clerk of Court
08/01/2008Adopts Speedy Trial Act
07/01/2008Electronic filing of transcripts
03/14/2008Adopts collateral forfeiture schedule for the Fish and Wildlife Service.
03/10/2008Rescinds AO 1507.
01/28/2008Appoints Paul J. Kilburg as Chief Judge for the Bankruptcy Court of the Northern District of Iowa.
01/11/2008Adopts collateral forfeiture schedule for the Bureau of Land Management.
01/11/2008Adopts collateral forfeiture schedule for the National Park Service.
01/02/2008Adopts the ECF Procedures Manual.
01/02/2008Adopts the Local Rules.
No.Date FiledBrief Description
12/18/2007Closes Federal Courthouses in Cedar Rapids and Sioux City on December 24 and 25.
12/05/2007Rescinds AO 1513.
12/05/2007Authorizes the United States Attorney’s Office to make disclosures of certain matters occurring before the grand jury.
12/05/2007Refers all cases arising under Title 11 of the United States Code to the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Iowa.
12/04/2007Declares that certain public administrative orders have no further force or effect and may be removed from the website.
12/03/2007Authorizes the United States Magistrate Judges of the District to take certain actions with respect to felony guilty pleas.
11/07/2007Sets maximum transcript rates.
10/12/2007Appoints Matt M. Dummermuth as United States Attorney.
09/04/2007Appoints Robert L. Phelps, II as Clerk of Court
06/18/2007Restricts use of certain electronic devices in courthouses.
06/13/2007Enumerates documents that may be filed directly under seal without court order.
04/19/2007Authorizes and designates duties to magistrate judges
04/10/2007Refills master jury wheel.
03/20/2007Appoints the Honorable Jon S. Scoles as United States Magistrate Judge.
03/20/2007Appoints the Honorable Paul A. Zoss as Chief United States Magistrate Judge.
03/20/2007Adopts rules for designating the chief magistrate judge.
01/31/2007Implements the mandatory conflict screening plan of the Judicial Council of the Eighth Circuit.
No.Date FiledBrief Description
12/12/2006Grants Clerk of Court authority to refund certain filing fees.
* * *
05/01/2006Appoints the Honorable William L. Edmonds as Chief United States Bankruptcy Judge.
01/03/2006Directs Clerk of Court to provide defense attorneys copies of sealed indictments upon request.
* * *
01/03/2006Adopts the ECF Procedures Manual.
01/03/2006Adopts the Local Rules.
No.Date FiledBrief Description
12/23/2005Adopts courthouse smoking policy.
* * *
08/30/2005Adopts policy regarding use of public spaces.
* * *
02/01/2005Delineates procedures for sentencing defendants in light of United States v. Booker, 543 U.S. 220(2005).
* * *
No.Date FiledBrief Description
12/09/2004Adopts the Federal Protective Service’s revised schedule of penalties for violations of statutes under Title 41 of the United States Code.
12/02/2004Reappoints the Honorable Paul A. Zoss as United States Magistrate Judge.
* * *
06/07/2004Establishes automatic sanctions for failures to file documents electronically
* * *
No.Date FiledBrief Description
12/17/2003(Superceeded by 15-AO-16-P) Adopts the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ schedule of penalties for violations of statutes under Title 16 of the United States Code.
* * *
10/28/2003Directs that all Central Division cases remain in the Central Division but be filed and processed in the Western Division.
07/28/2003Adopts revise Internal Controls.
* * *
02/24/2003Adopts Court Reporter Management Plan.
Superseded by 14-AO-2-P
* * *
No.Date FiledBrief Description
* * *
11/04/2002Clarifies, reorganizes and restructures prior Administrative Orders.
* * *
01/08/2002Directs Clerk of Court to seal presentence investigation reports and statements of reasons.
No.Date FiledBrief Description
05/18/2001Adopts procedures regarding the payment of interim CJA vouchers.
07/27/2000Adopts procedures for Rule 32 waivers in the Western and Central Divisions.
01/20/2000(Superceded by 17-AO-0002-P) Amends plan for the random selection of grand and petit jurors.
10/04/1999Refers actions for judicial review of administrative action by the Social Security Administration to the Hon. Paul A. Zoss.
05/31/1996Authorizes participation in Bankruptcy Appellate Panel.
09/13/1994Adopts the Criminal Justice Act Plan.
09/13/1993Establishes Federal Public Defender Organization.
12/18/1992Waives $50.00 special assessment for full-time employees of a legal aid society in civil rights cases.