Courtroom Training - Sioux City

Training and or assistance is available by contacting the Clerk's Office in the Northern District. Counsel are required in a pretrial order to contact the Clerk's Office early in their trial preparation for training and assistance as to the best ways to use the courtroom technology.

Training allows the trial to run smoothly and for counsel to achieve the maximum use of the technology. This training should be scheduled at the final pretrial conference whenever the audio-visual system is to be used. To facilitate this, counsel must make arrangements with Clerk's Office staff for training. Counsel should also be aware that in addition to securing the appropriate training they are also responsible for insuring that their equipment and software are compatible with the courtroom technology. These training sessions will be scheduled at the mutual convenience of counsel and the court. To schedule training please email the Automation Helpdesk (

Our experience has shown that the earlier you plan your use of courtroom technology, the better your presentation will be. Counsel are welcome and required to come to the courthouse prior to trial to test their presentations and equipment as well as see what is available in the courtroom. An appointment is recommended to insure that the courtroom is available. As you get closer to trial and begin to identify components you will need, please contact Clerk's Office staff to schedule training on those components and verify compatibility with your own equipment and software presentations.

Like any sophisticated equipment, not all technology is instantly compatible, so it is recommended that counsel develop a back up plan in case of unforeseen power, hardware, or software problems.