Available Technology - Cedar Rapids

NOTE: The court is located at 111 Seventh Ave SE in Cedar Rapids. If counsel have questions regarding the availability of courtroom technology, they should contact the Clerk of Court or the Automation Helpdesk iandml_helpdesk@iand.uscourts.gov

Courtrooms 1 and 3 Courtrooms 2 and 4
Touch PanelsTouch Panels
Annotation SystemAnnotation System
Evidence Presentation MonitorEvidence Presentation Monitor
HDMI and VGA ConnectionsHDMI and VGA Connections
LCD Display MonitorLCD Display Monitor
In-Courtroom Interpreter HeadsetIn-Courtroom Interpreter Headset
Wireless 2-Channel HeadsetsWireless 2-Channel Headsets
Telephonic Interpreter Phone with HeadsetTelephonic Interpreter Phone with Headset
Lavaliere MicrophonesLavaliere Microphones
Teleconference SystemTeleconference System
Video ConferencingVideo Conferencing