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Attorney InfoATI-Annual Adminission Fee1
Attorney InfoATI-CLE2
Attorney InfoATI-Committees3
Attorney InfoATI-Committees-Federal Practice4
Attorney InfoATI-Committees-Federal Practice-Meeting Notes5
Attorney InfoATI-Information for Attorneys Home6
Attorney InfoATI-Jury Instuctions7
Clerk Of Courtcc-clerk of court home8
Clerk Of CourtCC-Local and Federal Rules9
Clerk Of CourtCC-NEW Court Fees and Costs10
Clerk Of CourtCC-Office Hours11
Clerk Of CourtCC-Waterloo Press Release12
courtroomtechnologyCT-Available Tech CR13
courtroomtechnologyCT-Available Tech SC14
DecisionsDE-Chief Judge Linda R. Reade Decisions24
DecisionsDE-Judge Donale E. O'Brien Decisions25
DecisionsDE-Judge Edward J. McManus Decisions26
DecisionsDE-Judge Jon Stuart Scoles Decisions27
DecisionsDE-Judge Mark Bennett Decisions28
DecisionsDE-Judge Paul A. Zoss Decisions29
DecisionsDE - Decisions home30
General InformationGI-Cedar Rapids Courthouse General Information31
General InformationGI-FAQ-Judges/General32
General InformationGI-FAQ Case FIling33
General InformationGI-FAQ home34
General InformationGI-General Information Home35
General InformationGI-Information on Local Ceremonies36
General InformationGI-Judicial Misconduct37
General InformationGI-Misconduct Form38
General InformationGI-Naturalization39
General InformationGI-Naturalization CR40
General InformationGI-Naturalization SC41
General InformationGI-Transcripts42
General InformationGI-Web contact numbers43
General InformationGI-Where To Find Us44
Historical SocietyHS-Court-CR45
Historical SocietyHS-Court-Dubuque46
Historical SocietyHS-Court-FTD47
Historical SocietyHS-Court-Mason City48
Historical SocietyHS-Court-SC49
Historical SocietyHS-Court-Waterloo50
Historical SocietyHS-General Information51
Historical SocietyHS-History Center52
Historical SocietyHS-History of NDIA53
Historical SocietyHS-Main Page54
Historical SocietyHS-Meeting Information55
Historical SocietyHS-Membership56
Historical SocietyHS-Membership Solicitation Letter57
Historical SocietyHS-MembershipApplication58
Historical SocietyHS-MembershipList59
Historical SocietyHS-MembershipRegulations60
Judges InformationJI-All Judges Conflict Lists61
Judges InformationJI-All Judges Home62
Judges InformationJI-Judge CJ Williams Biography63
Judges InformationJI-Judge CJ Williams Conflict List64
Judges InformationJI-Judge CJ Williams Home65
Judges InformationJI-Judge CJ Williams Personal Preferences66
Judges InformationJI-Judge CJ Williams Standing Orders67
Judges InformationJI-Judge Edward J. McManus Biography68
Judges InformationJI-Judge Edward J. McManus Conflict List69
Judges InformationJI-Judge Edward J. McManus Home70
Judges InformationJI-Judge Edward J. McManus Personal Preferences71
Judges InformationJI-Judge Edward J. McManus Standing Orders72
Judges InformationJI-Judge Kelly K.E. Mahoney Biography73
Judges InformationJI-Judge Kelly K.E. Mahoney Conflict List74
Judges InformationJI-Judge Kelly K.E. Mahoney Home75
Judges InformationJI-Judge Kelly K.E. Mahoney Personal Preferences76
Judges InformationJI-Judge Kelly K.E. Mahoney Standing Orders77
Judges InformationJI-Judge Leonard T Strand Conflict List78
Judges InformationJI-Judge Leonard T. Strand Biography79
Judges InformationJI-Judge Leonard T. Strand Home80
Judges InformationJI-Judge Leonard T. Strand Personal Preferences81
Judges InformationJI-Judge Linda R. Reade Biography82
Judges InformationJI-Judge Linda R. Reade Conflicts83
Judges InformationJI-Judge Linda R. Reade Contact Information84
Judges InformationJI-Judge Linda R. Reade Home85
Judges InformationJI-Judge Linda R. Reade Staff Information86
Judges InformationJI-Judge LInda R. Reade Standing Orders87
Judges InformationJI-Judge LTS standing orders88
Judges InformationJI-Judge Mark Bennett Conflict List89
Judges InformationJI-Judge Mark Bennett Home90
Judges InformationJI-Judge Mark Bennett Personal Preferences91
Judges InformationJI-Judge Mark Bennett Standing Orders92
Judges InformationJI-Judge Mark Roberts Biography93
Judges InformationJI-Judge Mark Roberts Conflict List94
Judges InformationJI-Judge Mark Roberts Home95
Judges InformationJI-Judge Mark Roberts Personal Preferences96
Judges InformationJI-Judge Mark Roberts Standing Orders97
Judges InformationJI-Judge Mark W. Bennett CV Summary98
Judges InformationJI-Judicial Misconduct99
Juror InfoIJR-Ajis100
Juror InfoIJR-Contact Us101
Juror InfoIJR-E-Juror102
Juror InfoIJR-E-Juror-FAQ-2017103
Juror InfoIJR-E-questinnaire104
Juror InfoIJR-Employer Info105
Juror InfoIJR-Grand Jury Handbook106
Juror InfoIJR-Information for Jurors Home107
Juror InfoIJR-Juror's FAQs108
Juror InfoIJR-Juror Handbooks109
Juror InfoIJR-Parking110
Juror InfoIJR-Petit Handbook111
Juror InfoIJR-Weather-CR/SC112
Juror InfoIJR-Welcome113
Jury InstructionsJYI-Chief Judge Linda R. Reade Jury Instructions114
Jury InstructionsJYI-Judge Edward J. McManus Jury Instructions115
Jury InstructionsJYI-Judge Jon Stuart Scoles Jury Instructions116
Jury InstructionsJYI-Judge Mark Bennett Jury Instructions117
Jury InstructionsJYI-Judge Paul A. Zoss Jury Instructions118
Jury InstructionsJYI-Magistrate Judge CJ Williams Jury Instructions119
Other ResourcesOR-Bar Associations120
Other ResourcesOR-Community CR121
Other ResourcesOR-Community SC122
Other ResourcesOR-Other court sites123
Other ResourcesOR-Other Resources Home124
Other ResourcesOR-weather125
Self Help ProSeSH-Conflicts126
Self Help ProSeSH-FAQ127
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