Jury Instructions (Judge Reade)
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12/15/2015Hudson v. Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc.; Family and Medical Leave Act claim; Jury found for defendant.
01/29/2015Harris v. CRST Expedited, Inc.; Family and Medical Leave Act claim. Jury found for defendant.
09/20/2012Amana Society, Inc. and Amana Farms, Inc. v. Excel Engineering, Inc.; Amana Society, Inc. and Amana Farms, Inc. sought damages for professional negligence against Excel Engineering, Inc. Jury found for defendant, concluding that Excel Engineering, Inc. was not at fault.
06/30/2011Advance Brands, LLC v. Alkar-Rapidpak, Inc. vs. Gleeson Constructors & Engineers, LLC and Plains Boiler Service, Inc.; Advance Brands, LLC sought damages for products liability and implied warranty claims against Alkar-Rapidpak, Inc. Alkar-Rapidpak, Inc. then sued Gleeson Constructors & Engineers, LLC and Plains Boiler Service, Inc. for contribution. Jury found for defendants, concluding Advance Brands, LLC was one-hundred percent at fault.
03/31/2011PSK, LLC d/b/a Overhead Door Company of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City v. Randy Hicklin d/b/a A-1 American Garage Door Repair and Advanced Garage Door Repair; and Danetta Hicklin d/b/a A-1 American Garage Door Repair and Advanced Garage Door Repair; verdict in favor of Plaintiffs
05/18/2010Theresa Collier v. Troy Nogelmeier; jury found in favor of plaintiff on false arrest claim and in favor of defendant police officer on excessive force claim; jury awarded nominal damages of $1.00
03/31/2009Maggie Greenhaw v. City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa; jury found in favor of defendant on plaintiff's claims of intentional infliction of emotional distress, false arrest and negligence arising from investigation by Cedar Rapids Police Department.
10/29/2008Alice McCabe and Christine Nelson v. Michelle Mais; jury awarded plaintiffs, two former pre-arraignment detainees at the Linn County Jail, a combined amount of approximately $56,000 on their Section 1983 claims that defendant illegally strip and visual body cavity searched their persons.
06/04/2008Alice McCabe and Christine Nelson v. Bruce Macaulay and Michelle Mais; Plaintiffs alleged Secret Service Agent arrested them without probable cause and based upon the content of their speech outside a President George W. Bush re-election rally in 2004. Plaintiffs further alleged that Linn County Jailer strip searched them and inspected their cavities without probable cause. Jury found in favor of Secret Service Agent and against Linn County Jailer. Jury awared Plaintiffs a combined $750,000 in damages as a result of the illegal strip search and cavity inspection.
02/21/2008Annis v. City of Oelwein and David Bloem; excessive force claim against Bloem (City of Oelwein voluntarily dismissed at trial); defense verdict
10/03/2007Carolyn Brown, et al. v. The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.; breach of contract under Illinois law; plaintiffs created "Breakthrough to Literacy," a literacy program for schools; plaintiffs entered into a contract in 1997 and sold their rights to Breakthrough to Literacy; the contract contained a clause which required defendant to act "in good faith and with reasonable diligence" and required it to "use commercially reasonable efforts" with regard to the Breakthrough to Literacy products and services; defense verdict.
04/24/2007Glynn Jones v. Cargill, Inc.; Title VII race discrimination and retaliation; defense verdict
11/29/2006Edward D. Heaton v. The Weitz Company, Inc.; employment retaliation case; plaintiff was employed in a management capacity, that is, as a superintendent; plaintiff complained to defendant's human resources manager that another superintendent had engaged in national origin harassment or discrimination by calling plaintiff a "spic"; defendant forced the superintendent to retire shortly thereafter; after a series of events, plaintiff was laid off and never recalled to a management position;

Jury found that plaintiff engaged in protected activity, that he suffered an adverse employment action and that the protected activity was a motivating factor for the adverse employment action; jury awarded plaintiff $47,537.44 in lost wages, $4,800.00 for lost health insurance benefits, $11,413.00 for lost pension benefits and $73,320.00 for past emotional distress damages; jury also awarded $25,000.00 in punitive damages
08/01/2006Rajendra Singh, M.D. v. Allen Memorial Hospital; preliminary and final jury instructions; defense verdict
06/30/2006Gerald D. Donnell v. City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Pat Engel; defense verdict
06/28/2006Sherri Jo Reid dba Colonial Square Tax and Accounting, plaintiff, v. Pekin Insurance Co., defendant/third party plaintiff v. Steve Klocke; plaintiff/owner of building sued insurance carrier for breach of commercial property insurance contract. Insurance Co. filed third party suit against owner of excavation company for reimbursement; defense verdict
03/24/2005Tom Oberreuter d/b/a TNO Logistics and Kenny Logsdon v. Reinhart Foodservice, Inc.; breach of contract
12/02/2004Jon E. Kinzenbaw and Kinze Manufacturing, Inc., plaintiffs/counterclaim defendants v. Case LLC fka Case Corporation and New Holland North America, Inc., defendants/counterclaim plaintiffs; patent case
07/23/2004City of Dubuque v. Yaggy Colby Associates, Inc. d/b/a Yaggy Colby Associates; professional negligence
12/03/2003Goss International Corp. v. Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd. and TKS, Inc.; Anti-dumping Act violations
07/03/2003Petrillo, et al. v. Lumbermens Mutal Casualty Co., et al.; "bad faith" in handling of worker's compensation claim
04/29/2003John G. Snyder v. Yellow Freight System, Inc.; discrimination in violation of federal law, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, state law and the Iowa Civil Rights Act
04/03/2003Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) v. Mercy Medical Hospital, Cedar Rapids, Iowa d/b/a Mercy Medical Center; Title VII
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05/09/2016USA v. Samuels - Count 1: False Swearing in an Immigration Matter. Found Guilty on Count 1
03/30/2016USA v. Metcalf - Count 1: Hate Crime, the crime of willfully causing bodily injury because of actual or perceived race, color or national origin. Found guilty on Count 1.
01/27/2016USA v. Glinn - Count 1: Theft of a Firearm from a Licensed Dealer; Count 2: Possession of a Stolen Firearm. Found guilty on Count 1.
01/14/2016USA v. Ngombwa - Count 1: Unlawfully Procuring or Attempting to Procure Naturalization or Citizenship; Count 2: Procurment of Citizenship or Naturalization Unlawfully; Count 3: Conspiracy to Unlawfully Procure or Attempt to Procure Naturalization or Citizenship; Count 4: Making a Materially False Statement. Found guilty on Counts 1-4.

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