Jury Instructions (Judge Strand)
This section of the web site allows you to access selected jury instructions. The instructions are organized by categories listed on the lower left portion of this page. If you would like to do a word search of the entire database or individual categories you may do so by clicking on the search button below.

JudgeSorted ascendingCase TypeDate FiledCase Name
Hide details for Leonard T. StrandLeonard T. Strand
Hide details for Leonard T. StrandLeonard T. Strand
03/04/2013Robert Sayne v. Golden Oval Eggs, LLC
09/08/2016Wright Final Jury Instructions
09/08/2016King Final Jury Instructions
09/08/2016Ramos Final Jury Instructions
09/30/2016Babb Final Jury Instructions (Conspiracy to Distribute Meth)
09/08/2016Castillo Final Jury Instructions
09/01/2016Brett Waterbury v. Progressive Northern Insurance Company
06/13/2012No Jury Instructions are available at this time
03/13/2017Galloway Final Jury Instructions (Frauds and swindels. Money Laundering. Explosives)
01/04/2017Wetherell Final Jury Instructions (without lesser included. Conspiracy to distribute meth)
03/22/2017Lopez Final Jury Instructions (Meth and Money Laundering)

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