Jury Instructions
    Case #:1324
    Case Type: Criminal
    Case Submitted Date: 11/09/2009
    Category: CRIM - Criminal Law and Procedure
    Year: 2008
    Division: Dubuque
    Judge: Linda R. Reade

    Case Name: U.S. v. Sholom Rubashkin; (Phase 1 Trial) Counts 1-14 bank fraud; Counts 15-38 false statements and reports to a bank; Counts 39-52 wire fraud; Counts 53-61 mail fraud; Counts 62-71 money laundering; Counts 72-91 violating an order of the Secretary of Agriculture; guilty on all counts except 72, 81-83 and 90

    Documents:LRR-08-CR-1324, United States v. Sholom Rubashkin Preliminary Jury Instructions, bank fraud.pdfLRR-08-CR-1324, United States v. Sholom Rubashkin Final Jury Instructions, bank fraud 110909.pdf