Jury Instructions
    Case #:102
    Case Type: Civil
    Case Submitted Date: 11/29/2006
    Category: EMP - Employment Law
    Year: 2005
    Division: Cedar Rapids
    Judge: Linda R. Reade

    Case Name: Edward D. Heaton v. The Weitz Company, Inc.; employment retaliation case; plaintiff was employed in a management capacity, that is, as a superintendent; plaintiff complained to defendant's human resources manager that another superintendent had engaged in national origin harassment or discrimination by calling plaintiff a "spic"; defendant forced the superintendent to retire shortly thereafter; after a series of events, plaintiff was laid off and never recalled to a management position;

    Jury found that plaintiff engaged in protected activity, that he suffered an adverse employment action and that the protected activity was a motivating factor for the adverse employment action; jury awarded plaintiff $47,537.44 in lost wages, $4,800.00 for lost health insurance benefits, $11,413.00 for lost pension benefits and $73,320.00 for past emotional distress damages; jury also awarded $25,000.00 in punitive damages

    Documents:Heaton v. Weitz signed final jury instructions.pdfHeaton v. Weitz signed supplemental final jury instructions.pdfHeaton v. Weitz signed preliminary jury instructions.pdf