Jury Instructions
    Case #:73
    Case Type: Civil
    Case Submitted Date: 06/04/2008
    Category: CR - Civil Rights
    Year: 2005
    Division: Cedar Rapids
    Judge: Linda R. Reade

    Case Name: Alice McCabe and Christine Nelson v. Bruce Macaulay and Michelle Mais; Plaintiffs alleged Secret Service Agent arrested them without probable cause and based upon the content of their speech outside a President George W. Bush re-election rally in 2004. Plaintiffs further alleged that Linn County Jailer strip searched them and inspected their cavities without probable cause. Jury found in favor of Secret Service Agent and against Linn County Jailer. Jury awared Plaintiffs a combined $750,000 in damages as a result of the illegal strip search and cavity inspection.

    Documents:LRR-05-CV-73, McCabe v. Macaulay, Jury Instructions-Preliminary Instructions, 052008.pdfLRR-05-CV-73, McCabe v. Macaulay, Jury Instructions-Final Jury Instructions, 060308.pdfLRR-05-cv-73, McCabe v. Macaulay, Verdict Form 1.pdfLRR-05-cv-73, McCabe v. Macaulay, Verdict Form 2.pdf