Jury Instructions
    Case #:123
    Case Type: Criminal
    Case Submitted Date: 01/14/2016
    Category: CRIM - Criminal Law and Procedure
    Year: 2014
    Division: Cedar Rapids
    Judge: Linda R. Reade

    Case Name: USA v. Ngombwa - Count 1: Unlawfully Procuring or Attempting to Procure Naturalization or Citizenship; Count 2: Procurment of Citizenship or Naturalization Unlawfully; Count 3: Conspiracy to Unlawfully Procure or Attempt to Procure Naturalization or Citizenship; Count 4: Making a Materially False Statement. Found guilty on Counts 1-4.

    Ngombwa Prelim jury instructions.pdfNgombwa Prelim jury instructions.pdfNgombwa Final Jury Instructions.pdfNgombwa Final Jury Instructions.pdfNgombwa Jury Verdict.pdfNgombwa Jury Verdict.pdf