Jury Instructions
    Case #:4014
    Case Type: Civil
    Case Submitted Date: 11/09/2009
    Category: COM/CON - Commercial/Contract Litigation
    Year: 2009
    Division: Western
    Judge: Mark W. Bennett

    Case Name: Bodeans Cone Co. , LLC v. Norse Dairy Sys., LLC (Antitrust action for injunctive relief and damages by one maker of novelty cones and ice cream sandwich wafers against another maker: Court’s final version of Jury Instructions, prepared before trial, on claims of monopolization, attempt to monopolize, exclusive dealing, and tying. Case settled prior to trial.)

    MWB-09-CV-4014, BoDeans Cone Co., L.L.C. v. Norse Dairy Sys., L.L.C., Jury Instructions-Antitrust, 11042009.pdf