Jury Instructions
    Case #:4014
    Case Type: Civil
    Case Submitted Date: 11/04/2009
    Category: COM/CON - Commercial/Contract Litigation
    Year: 2009
    Division: Western
    Judge: Mark W. Bennett

    Case Name: Bodeans Cone Co., LLC v. Norse Dairy Sys., LLC (Antitrust action for injunctive relief and damages by one maker of novelty cones and ice cream sandwich wafers against another maker: Court’s final version of Glossary of Antitrust Terminology to accompany Jury Instructions, prepared before trial, on claims of monopolization, attempt to monopolize, exclusive dealing, and tying. Case settled prior to trial.)

    MWB-09-CV-4014, BoDeans Cone Co., L.L.C. v. Norse Dairy Sys., L.L.C., Jury Instructions-Antitrust Terms Glossary, 11042009.pdf