Jury Instructions
    Case #:4009
    Case Type: Civil
    Case Submitted Date: 03/05/2009
    Category: TORTS - Torts (Non-commercial)
    Year: 2006
    Division: Western
    Judge: Mark W. Bennett

    Case Name: Ronald Kuiper & Conley Kuiper v. Givaudan Flavors Corp. ( Claims for a lung injury to Ronald Kuiper allegedly caused by inhaling fumes from butter flavorings made by Givaudan that were used by Kuiper’s employer, American Pop Corn Company, to make microwave popcorn. Claims include: defective designe; failure to provide adequate warnings; and failure to test the butter flavorings for hazardous health effects when they were used in foreseeable ways. Damages: the lung injury to Ronald Kuiper and the injury to his relationship with his wife, Conley Kuiper, allegedly caused by Givaudan’s defective design, failure to warn, and failure to test.)

    MWB-06-CV-4009, Kuiper v. Givaudan Flavors Corp., Jury Instructions-products liability short set, 021709.pdf