Jury Verdicts

JudgeName of Case
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American Family Mutual Insurance Company v. Robert Miell; Robert Miell v. Brett Throlson and Brett Throlson Agency, Inc. (breach of contract)
Boddicker v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (breach of implied warranty)
CNH Capital America LLC v. Tim McCandless, d/b/a McCandless Farms (breach of contract)
Duban v. Waverly Sales Co. v. Merle Oxley and Oxley's, Inc. (personal injury)
Estate of Zelda M. Brokaw v. Jerry D. Spears and Craig Betcher Trucking, Inc. (negligence)
Friedman & Friedman, Ltd., an Illinois Corporation v. Tim McCandless Inc., an Iowa Corporation, and Paul Roloff (breach of contract)
Graves (Est of Willie Maurice Jones) v. City of Waterloo & Albert Bovy (Violation of Constitutional Rights - Malicious Prosecution - Intentional Infliction of Severe Emotional Distress)
Hormel Foods Corp. v. Crystal Distributio Services, Inc. (breach of contract)
Marshalle (Shelley) Pfab v. United wisconsin Ins. Co., d/b/a United Heartland (bad faith)
Rayburn v. Wady Industries, Inc. (Employment - Retaliation)
Seabrooke v. Upper Iowa University (Employment - Discrimination: Termination of Employment - Mental Impairment)
Smock v. Iowa Interstate Railroad, Ltd., a Corporation (personal injury - failure to maintain safe workplace - negligence)
U.S. v. Steven Douglas Risse and Harry Ralph Moeller (Moeller Not Guilty; Risse Guilty of using an aircraft to knowingly harass animals)
Show details for Judge Leonard T. StrandJudge Leonard T. Strand