Jury Verdicts
    Name of Case:
      Prine v. Sioux City Community School District (Title VII sexual harassment; hostile work environment; sex discrimination claim)

    Presiding Judge:
      Judge Mark W. Bennett

    Judges Comments:
      This was a two week trial. The plaintiff called three experts on damages, one economist and two treating psychiatrists. The plaintiff contended that she suffered from severe depression adn post-traumatic stress disorder. The defense called no expert witnesses. The entitlement to, and the amount of any, front pay has not yet been decided by the court.
    Jury Verdict: prine_verdict.pdf

    Plaintiff Attorney:
      Stanley Munger
      Jay Elliot Denne
      Munger & Reinschmidt
      600 Fourth Street
      303 Terra Centre
      P.O. Box 912
      Sioux City, IA 51102
      (712) 233-3635

    Defense Attorney:
      Doug Phillips
      Klass, Stoos, Stoik, Mugan Villone & Phillips, L.L.P
      Jackson Plaza, Suite 300
      627 4th Street
      P.O. Box 327
      Sioux City, IA 51102
      (712) 252-1866