Jury Verdicts
    Name of Case:
      Alice McCabe and Christine Nelson v. Michelle Mais

    Presiding Judge:
      Judge Linda R. Reade

    Judges Comments:
      Jury awarded plaintiffs, two former pre-arraignment detainees at the Linn County Jail, a combined amount of approximately $56,000 on their Section 1983 claims that defendant illegally strip and visual body cavity searched their persons.
    Jury Verdict: LRR-05-cv-73, McCabe v. Mais, Verdict Form.pdf

    Plaintiff Attorney:
      David O'Brien; Willey, O'Brien, Mullin, Laverty & Hanrahan; and Matthew Reilly, Eells & Tronvold

    Defense Attorney:
      Todd Tripp, Linn Co. Attorney's Office