Jury Verdicts
    Name of Case:
      Teresa L. Mercer vs City of Cedar Rapids and William J. Byrne; Case #C98-142-MWB

    Presiding Judge:
      Judge Mark W. Bennett

    Judges Comments:
      This was a one week trial on a state law slander claim that remained following dismissal of all federal claims relating to the discharge of plaintiff, a former probationary police officer with the Cedar Rapids police department. The court held on S.J. that the plaintiff was a public figure and thus had to prove actual malice. The case was very well tried by both sides. The Jury verdict form had a minor inconsistency on page three but the jury corrected it with a follow-up note.
    Jury Verdict: Mercer.pdf

    Plaintiff Attorney:
      Mark John Seidl
      Seidl & Chicchelly
      776 13th Street
      Marion, IA 52302

    Defense Attorney:
      Mohammad H Sheronick
      Cedar Rapids Attorney's Office
      City Hall
      Seventh Floor
      Cedar Rapids, IA 52401