Letter From Chief Judge Linda R. Reade
Posted 6/17/2008

June 17, 2008

Dear Members of the Bar:

As you know the Cedar Rapids Courthouse flooded last week. Although the water has receded, we are not able to return to work in the courthouse at this time. Many court employees in Cedar Rapids are working from home. Probation Officers continue to supervise defendants in the community with increased home and employment site visits. The Sioux City Courthouse is open and court employees there are performing docketing responsibilities and other court services for the district.

We have begun to relocate to a temporary site which we hope will open next week. The temporary site will house the judges, probation, the clerk of court, the United States Marshal and the United States Attorney. The United States Bankruptcy Court will also be located at this site. We will have one jury courtroom and two non-jury courtrooms. The courtrooms will not have the advanced electronics that we have in the courthouse and they will be quite limited in furnishings and amenities.

Reopening and operating at the new site is being delayed by a variety of factors including: 1) We are unable to obtain the necessary connections to go on-line; 2) Much of our equipment is in the courthouse and we have been unable to go to the building and retrieve our equipment that survived the flood because of dangerous conditions in the building; and 3) Some construction is needed in the new facility.

It would be helpful if you would send any change of address and phone number to me (Linda_Reade@iand.uscourts.gov) or to my administrative assistant Diane Leibold (Diane_Leibold@iand.uscourts.gov) so we can contact you to reschedule court proceedings. Our telephone system still is not operative.

Please watch the web site for further information which we will post every few days. We will soon post the address and phone numbers at the new site as well as driving directions to the new building.

We hope that those attorneys who have experienced difficulties due to the flood are making progress in restoring their offices. Thank you for your patience.