Notice Date and Title
03/11/2015 Jury Qualification FAQ's
01/27/2015 Random Selection of Grand and Petit Jurors
11/07/2014 Historical Society Meeting
10/10/2014 Federal Practice Committee - Ethics Outline
09/22/2014 Reappointment of the Honorable Chief Magistrate Judge Jon Stuart Scoles
09/10/2014 Fundamental of Federal Practice Seminar
09/04/2014 Federal Practice Committee CLE - Ethics Jeopardy
08/07/2014 C.J.Williams receives the Richard S. Arnold Award
07/31/2014 Limited services on Monday, August 4th and Tuesday August 5th, 2014
07/31/2014 Jury Scam Warning
07/02/2014 Reappointment of Magistrate Judge Jon S. Scoles
07/02/2014 2013 FY America's Most Productive Courts
06/19/2014 Linn County Bar CLE Seminar
04/10/2014 Eigth Circuit Judicial Conference
01/29/2014 Eight Traits of a Great Trial Lawyer
01/29/2014 Eight Traits of a Great Trial Lawyer
10/10/2013 CourtRemains Open During Budget Impasse
9/27/2013 Court Will Remain Open
8/30/2013 Citing Emergency, Judiciary Cuts Fees for Court-Appointed Lawyers
8/21/2013 WARNING: Bogus Phone Calls on Jury Service May Lead to Fraud
4/17/2013 Civil Case Filing Fee Increase Effective May 1, 2013
1/11/2013 Random Selection of Grand and Petit Jurors
8/20/2012 Proposed Amendments for Public Comment
06/20/12 New Chief Magistrate Judge
06/20/12 Magistrate Leonard T. Strand Appointed
06/20/12 Judge Zoss Retirement
04/02/12 Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference
03/29/12 Pacer Fee increase
02/15/12 Next Meeting of the Historical Society
2/14/12 Paper Check Conversion Program Effective 4/2/12
10/14/11 Increases to Various Miscellaneous Fee Schedules Effective 11.1.11
10/11/11 Increase in PACER fees effective 11.1.11
9/6/11 Save The Date - 2012 Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference
8/29/11 Notice Regarding Appointment of New Magistrate Judge and Application Form
6/24/11 Appointment of New Magistrate Judge and Application Form
6/10/11 Proposed Amendment to Local Rules
4/7/2011 Historical Society Meeting Notice
3/3/2011 Historical Society Meeting Notice
1/11/2011 Random Selection of Grand and Petit Jurors
11/30/10 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Practice and Procedure
11/30/10 Proposed Amendments to Federal Rules
11/22/10 Jury Video
10/19/10 New Requirement for Pro Hac Vice Counsel
08/03/10 Federal Practice Seminar Registration Form
07/27/10 Dinner For The Bar
04/29/10 Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference 2010
04/23/10 US v Rubashkin
4/16/10 Electronic Public Access Fee Change
01/04/10 Historical Society Meeting Notice
12/09/09 US Marshal Prisoner Transport
11/19/09 Shortened Deadlines
08/27/09 Notice of Proposed Changes to the Local Rules
08/03/09 Historical Society August Meeting Notice
08/27/09 Notice of Proposed Changes to the Local Rules
09/14/09 Court Honors CJA Attorneys
06/15/09 Open House
06/12/09 Court Expansion
06/11/09 Criminal Bar
04/14/09 Historical Society Notice
02/19/09 New AO Forms
12/16/08 Historical Society January Meeting Notice
10/6/08 Historical Society October Meeting Notice
10/02/2008 Cedar Rapids Court Location
10/02/08 Taxation of Costs
09/10/08 Historical Society Elects Officers and Sets October Meeting
07/01/08 Historical Society Notice - Date Change
06/18/2008 Temporary Location Information
06/17/2008 Letter From Chief Judge Linda R. Reade
06/11/2008 Cedar Rapids Courthouse Closure
06/10/2008 Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference
05/28/08 Historical Society Notice
03/26/08 Invitation to Criminal Defense Bar
03/11/08 Historical Society Kickoff Invitation
02/19/08 CLE Reporting Form And Requirements
02/06/08 Jury-Duty Scam
01/18/08 Website Redesign
11/19/07 CM-ECF Version 3.1 Upgrade Summary
11/05/07-USM Airlift
10/01/07 Ft Dodge Courthouse Closure
09/25/07-Federal Practice Committee
04/26/06 Sealed Events