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Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference
Mark Roberts
2018 Judicial Conference Calling all Authors
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Judge Edward J. McManus
2017 Public Notice for Quotient Drawing for Jury Wheel Refill
Local Rules of the United States District Courts for the Northern and Southern Districts of Iowa
Amendments to the Federal Rules of Practice and Procedure
New Magistrate Judge Selection
Investiture of Magistrate Judge CJ Williams April 21, 2016
Sentencing training for defense counsel
Investiture of Judge Leonard T. Strand April 21, 2016
Iowa Northern District recognized among productive courts
2016 Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference
Special Eighth Circuit Session to honor the late Judge George G. Fagg
New Magistrate Judge Announcement
Changes to Briefing Schedule for Social Security Cases
May 3-5, 2016 Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference
9/4/2015 Free Ethics CLE
8/18/2015 The Honorable Donald E. O'Brien
8/12/2015 New Circuit Librarian
6/25/2015 Federal Practice Committee CLE
03/11/2015 Jury Qualification FAQ's
01/27/2015 Random Selection of Grand and Petit Jurors
11/07/2014 Historical Society Meeting
10/10/2014 Federal Practice Committee - Ethics Outline
09/22/2014 Reappointment of the Honorable Chief Magistrate Judge Jon Stuart Scoles
09/10/2014 Fundamental of Federal Practice Seminar
09/04/2014 Federal Practice Committee CLE - Ethics Jeopardy
08/07/2014 C.J.Williams receives the Richard S. Arnold Award
07/31/2014 Limited services on Monday, August 4th and Tuesday August 5th, 2014
07/31/2014 Jury Scam Warning
07/02/2014 Reappointment of Magistrate Judge Jon S. Scoles
07/02/2014 2013 FY America's Most Productive Courts
06/19/2014 Linn County Bar CLE Seminar
04/10/2014 Eigth Circuit Judicial Conference
01/29/2014 Eight Traits of a Great Trial Lawyer
01/29/2014 Eight Traits of a Great Trial Lawyer
10/10/2013 CourtRemains Open During Budget Impasse
9/27/2013 Court Will Remain Open
8/30/2013 Citing Emergency, Judiciary Cuts Fees for Court-Appointed Lawyers
8/21/2013 WARNING: Bogus Phone Calls on Jury Service May Lead to Fraud
4/17/2013 Civil Case Filing Fee Increase Effective May 1, 2013
1/11/2013 Random Selection of Grand and Petit Jurors
8/20/2012 Proposed Amendments for Public Comment
06/20/12 New Chief Magistrate Judge
06/20/12 Magistrate Leonard T. Strand Appointed
06/20/12 Judge Zoss Retirement
04/02/12 Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference
03/29/12 Pacer Fee increase
02/15/12 Next Meeting of the Historical Society
2/14/12 Paper Check Conversion Program Effective 4/2/12
10/14/11 Increases to Various Miscellaneous Fee Schedules Effective 11.1.11
10/11/11 Increase in PACER fees effective 11.1.11
9/6/11 Save The Date - 2012 Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference
8/29/11 Notice Regarding Appointment of New Magistrate Judge and Application Form
6/24/11 Appointment of New Magistrate Judge and Application Form
6/10/11 Proposed Amendment to Local Rules
4/7/2011 Historical Society Meeting Notice
3/3/2011 Historical Society Meeting Notice
1/11/2011 Random Selection of Grand and Petit Jurors
11/30/10 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Practice and Procedure
11/30/10 Proposed Amendments to Federal Rules
11/22/10 Jury Video
10/19/10 New Requirement for Pro Hac Vice Counsel
08/03/10 Federal Practice Seminar Registration Form
07/27/10 Dinner For The Bar
04/29/10 Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference 2010
04/23/10 US v Rubashkin
4/16/10 Electronic Public Access Fee Change
01/04/10 Historical Society Meeting Notice
12/09/09 US Marshal Prisoner Transport
11/19/09 Shortened Deadlines
08/27/09 Notice of Proposed Changes to the Local Rules
08/03/09 Historical Society August Meeting Notice
08/27/09 Notice of Proposed Changes to the Local Rules
09/14/09 Court Honors CJA Attorneys
06/15/09 Open House
06/12/09 Court Expansion
06/11/09 Criminal Bar
04/14/09 Historical Society Notice
02/19/09 New AO Forms
12/16/08 Historical Society January Meeting Notice
10/6/08 Historical Society October Meeting Notice
10/02/2008 Cedar Rapids Court Location
10/02/08 Taxation of Costs
09/10/08 Historical Society Elects Officers and Sets October Meeting
07/01/08 Historical Society Notice - Date Change
06/18/2008 Temporary Location Information
06/17/2008 Letter From Chief Judge Linda R. Reade
06/11/2008 Cedar Rapids Courthouse Closure
06/10/2008 Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference
05/28/08 Historical Society Notice
03/26/08 Invitation to Criminal Defense Bar
03/11/08 Historical Society Kickoff Invitation
02/19/08 CLE Reporting Form And Requirements
02/06/08 Jury-Duty Scam
01/18/08 Website Redesign
11/19/07 CM-ECF Version 3.1 Upgrade Summary
11/05/07-USM Airlift
10/01/07 Ft Dodge Courthouse Closure
09/25/07-Federal Practice Committee
04/26/06 Sealed Events
Magistrate Judge Merit Selection Panel Appointed