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How do I get documents filed when there is an outage that affects the CM/ECF system and I have a deadline to meet?


Jurisdictional Filing Deadline:

Some deadlines in the Federal Rules of Civil, Criminal, and Appellate Procedure are jurisdictional and cannot be extended. (See, e.g., Fed. R. Civ. P. 6(b)(2)). It is the filer’s responsibility to ensure, by whatever means necessary, that a document is filed timely to comply with jurisdictional deadlines. A technical failure, including a failure of the CM/ECF system, will not excuse the filer from compliance with a jurisdictional deadline.


Non-jurisdictional Filing Deadline:

If a filer is unable to meet a nonjurisdictional filing deadline because of a technical failure, the filer must file the document using the earliest available electronic or non-electronic means. The filing of the document will be accepted by the court as timely unless the presiding judge determines that the untimely filing of the document should not be excused.