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What happens if I do not pay the annual admission fee?

If you do not pay the required annual admission fee for the Northern District of Iowa, you will be suspended until payment is received.



Attorney-Admission Attorney FAQ
If I am admitted in the Northern District of Iowa, do I need to be admitted separately in the Southern District of Iowa to practice in both districts?

Yes. The Northern District of Iowa and Southern District of Iowa have separate admission processes and CM/ECF systems.

To practice in the Northern District of Iowa and Southern District of Iowa, an attorney must be admitted in both districts and register in each district's CM/ECF system. 



Attorney-Admission Attorney FAQ
Does bankruptcy court require separate admission?

Yes, for additional information on bankruptcy court admission requirements, please visit: or call (319) 286-2200.



Attorney-Admission Attorney FAQ
Does the notary who signs my petition for admission need to be from Iowa?

No, the notary can be from any state. 



Attorney-Admission Attorney FAQ
Who may approve my petition for admission?

A Federal Judge (including a Federal District Court Judge, Federal Magistrate Judge, or Federal Bankruptcy Judge), a Justice of the Supreme Court of Iowa, a Judge of the Iowa Court of Appeals, or a Judge of the District Court of Iowa may approve an attorney application.  An application cannot be approved by a State Associate District Judge or State Magistrate Judge.



Attorney-Admission Attorney FAQ
Who do I contact if I am having trouble logging into PACER?

PACER is affiliated with the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.  The Clerk's Office is unable to assist you if you experience issues when logging into PACER.  Please contact the PACER Service Center: call (800) 676-6856 or email:



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How do I seek admission Pro Hac Vice?

Local Rule 83(d)(3) and (4)

To be admitted Pro Hac Vice, a lawyer must:

  1. Have local counsel;
  2. File a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice and attach a Certificate of Good Standing to such motion;
  3. Pay the $100 Pro Hac Vice fee; and
  4. Register with the Northern District of Iowa's CM/ECF system.





Attorney-Admission Attorney FAQ
How do I get my name removed from a case I am no longer an active participant in?

A motion to withdraw should be filed in the case.



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