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How do I get a refund if my credit card is charged twice for a filing?

If it has been determined that a duplicate payment was made through, a Clerk's Office cashier will notify counsel. Counsel will request a refund in writing to the Clerk of Court on firm letterhead.  This request should include:

1.  A summary of why you are requesting the refund;
2.  Name on the credit card used;
3.  Type of credit card;
4.  Last 4 digits of the credit card number;
5.  The receipt number and date paid;
6.  The case number; and 
7.  The dollar amount

The letter can be emailed to:

or mailed to:

U.S. District Courthouse
Clerk's Office
111 7th Avenue SE, Box 12
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401-2101
or faxed to:

(319) 286-2301

Once approval is granted by the Clerk of Court, a cashier will process a refund through A staff note will be docketed in the particular case once a refund has been issued.



Do I need to register in the court's CM/ECF system if I was previously registered for another case in the district?

No, your CM/ECF account may be used in all of your cases in this district.  Only one account is necessary.

If you forgot your login and/or password, please contact the Clerk's Office in Cedar Rapids at (319) 286-2300 or in Sioux City at (712) 233-3900.



Does the court redact filings containing personal information or identifiers?

No, it is the filer's responsibility to redact personal or private information in a filing. 



What do I put in the client code section of the login screen?

The client code section of the login screen is optional. Information in this section is not used by the court. 



Do I need to name all of the attachments to a document?

Yes, all documents should have a descriptive name. You may either chose a name from the drop down menu or manually type in the name of the document in the open text box provided. It is NOT necessary to chose an item from the drop down menu and put text in the open text box. 

To avoid duplicative text, please be sure to read your text before completing the transaction. 



What do I do if my document is too large for the court's CM/ECF system?

A document may be broken down into sections.  For example, the main document may consist of the first 50 pages, the first attachment may consist of the next 50 pages and subsequent attachments may consist of a similar number of pages until the entire document is included in the entry.  Each section should be labeled correctly.  For example, the main document could be named Brief, the first attachment could be named Brief Part 2 and the second attachment could be named Brief Part 3.  Please remember that not all documents scan the same.  You may be able to scan 150 pages and stay within the 15 mb limit.  Whereas, if a document includes graphs and pictures, you may only be able to scan 60 pages and stay within the 15 mb limit.  To make sure you are within the 15 mb limit, you should check the size of your scanned documents prior to docketing.



What is the size limit of each document that I can file in court's CM/ECF system?

Each document must be 15 mbs or less.

Scan (or print to pdf) each document separately and save it on your system.

Go back to that directory and right click on the document.

Click properties. The screen will show you the size of your document. If the document is within the 15 mb limit, you may attach it to your entry.

If the document is larger than the 15 mb limit, you will need to break the document down into separate documents before attaching them in your entry.





Can an attorney who has not appeared in a case file a document for another attorney that has appeared in the case?

No, unless the attorney who has not appeared files a Notice of Appearance in the case. 



What can I do if my login and password do not work?

If you are unable to log into the CM/ECF system you may contact the Clerk's Office or complete the  CM/ECF Online Password Reset Form.

Cedar Rapids Clerk's Office: (319) 286-2300

Sioux City Clerk's Office: (712) 233-3900




Why do I lose access to the CM/ECF system after connecting?

The most common reason is your internet connection.  Other possibilities include: scheduled maintenance of the CM/ECF system, server issues, and being timed-out.  Please call the Clerk’s Office to inquire about the status of the CM/ECF system if you are experiencing issues.



How do I get documents filed when there is an outage that affects the CM/ECF system and I have a deadline to meet?

Jurisdictional Filing Deadline:

Some deadlines in the Federal Rules of Civil, Criminal, and Appellate Procedure are jurisdictional and cannot be extended. (See, e.g., Fed. R. Civ. P. 6(b)(2)). It is the filer’s responsibility to ensure, by whatever means necessary, that a document is filed timely to comply with jurisdictional deadlines. A technical failure, including a failure of the CM/ECF system, will not excuse the filer from compliance with a jurisdictional deadline.


Non-jurisdictional Filing Deadline:

If a filer is unable to meet a nonjurisdictional filing deadline because of a technical failure, the filer must file the document using the earliest available electronic or non-electronic means. The filing of the document will be accepted by the court as timely unless the presiding judge determines that the untimely filing of the document should not be excused.



Where do I send a document if I am requesting permission from the court to file it under seal?

After you have filed your motion to seal, you should email your docment to: Upon receipt of the document, the Clerk's Office will forward the document to the appropriate judge for review.



What can I do if the CM/ECF system is down?

If you have a document that needs to be filed, you may contact the Clerk's Office for further instructions.

If you are located in or near Cedar Rapids or Sioux City, you may take the document to the courthouse for filing. 



How do I register for the CM/ECF system?

If you are an attorney in good standing/have been admitted pro hac vice, complete the CM/ECF Online Registration Form.

When a login and password are assigned to you, you will receive an email with the information from the Clerk's Office.

It is not necessary to register each time you appear in a case.  It is not necessary to re-register if you have changed firms or locations. You can update the information on your account to reflect the necessary changes.

Do not re-register if you have forgotten your login and/or password. Please contact the Clerk's Office at (319) 286-2300 to request information regarding your login and/or password.

You may also complete and submit the CM/ECF Online Password Reset Form.



How do I file a proposed order?

All proposed documents should be emailed to:

You should provide the court with a pdf version of the document and a Word version, if applicable.

The Clerk's Office will forward the document to the appropriate chambers for review. 



How do I update my CM/ECF account information, i.e. address, email?
  • Log in to your CM/ECF account.
  • Go to Utilities on the blue toolbar.
  • Click on 'Maintain Your Account'.
  • You can update your firm, address and telephone number on the first screen that appears.
  • Click on the 'Email Information' tab at the bottom to update your email or add an email address. When you have finished updating the email information, click 'Return to Personal Information Screen' (***do not click the back button***).
  • To change your login/password, click on the 'More User Information' button. After you have updated your login/password, click 'Return to Account Screen' (***do not click the back button***).
  • After you have finished with your changes, click the 'Submit' at the bottom of the screen.
  • A new screen will appear, you must click the second 'Submit' button at the top. If you do not click the second 'Submit' button, your changes will not take affect.