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Criminal Justice Act & eVoucher

Criminal Justice Act & eVoucher

The CJA panel consists of attorneys who are authorized to be appointed to represent indigent defendants in federal criminal cases in which the Federal Public Defender’s Office cannot appear (generally because of a conflict). For attorneys who are interested in becoming members of the Criminal Justice Act panel ("CJA Panel") click here.

The Northern District of Iowa upgraded to the NextGen electronic case filing system in December 2019. CJA Attorneys only need one PACER account to file in the Northern District of Iowa as of December 16, 2019. Attorneys will need to  have an upgraded, non-exempt PACER account.  No exempt PACER account will be necessary, as CJA attorneys will be able to toggle between exempt and non-exempt status within the NextGen CM/ECF system itself. Follow the instructions below to activate your CJA privileges for this District through PACER:

Click here for instructions on how to upgrade your non-exempt individual PACER account.

Click here for instructions on how to register for a new individual PACER account.

Click here for instructions on how to Activate CJA Privileges in PACER.

***These instructions are for existing and newly appointed CJA attorneys who need to be exempt from PACER fees while performing CJA related work.

Click here for instructions on how to utilize CJA Exempt Status in PACER.

***Exempt status will allow the CJA attorney to switch from non-exempt to exempt status when performing CJA related work.

Click here for a CJA Panel Attorney overview tutorial.

CJA Information - eVoucher

The Northern District of Iowa has adopted an on-line system for reimbursement under the Criminal Justice Act.  On-line voucher preparation will simplify the billing process and will speed up the submission and review of claims. The system was developed by the District of Nevada.

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Clerk's Office eVoucher Support:

eVoucher Application Support:
Emma Barden (319) 286‐2308
Catherine May (319) 286‐2313
eVoucher Panel Administration Support:
Paul Coberly (319) 286‐2315
Jill Hawkins (319) 286‐2318
Denise Scott (712) 233‐3841
Meghan Carrell (712) 233‐3843


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