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Annual Renewal Fee

Annual Renewal Fee

Pursuant to Administrative Order 18-AO-0005-P dated August 8, 2018, the Northern and Southern Districts of Iowa no longer require biennial continuing legal education (CLE) reporting.

To remain in good standing, each attorney is required to pay an annual renewal fee of $25 to each district where they are admitted. The annual renewal fee is due by March 1st of each year. See Local Rule 83(c)(4).

As we transition to the new model outlined in Local Rule 83, please be aware:

     1.  BEFORE you can pay the annual renewal fee, you must first link your CM/ECF account and account.  If you have not yet linked your CM/ECF and PACER account, directions to do so can be found HERE.

     2.  If any duplicate payments are made, you must request a refund in writing.  Directions for requesting a refund can be found HERE.  

     3.  Attorneys admitted pro hac vice are not required to pay the Annual Admission Renewal Fee.  

Questions regarding the annual renewal fee or admission status can be sent to, or you can call the Clerk's Office at (319) 286-2300. 

Instructions to Pay the Annual Renewal Fee:

***Note: The Northern and Southern Districts have separate filing systems. If you are admitted to both districts, you must make separate payments to each district.  

  1. Navigate to and log on using your PACER login and password information.

  1. Click on Quick Links tab .

  2. Click on Court Links and then click on the Iowa Northern - NextGen.

  3. The next page that opens will have a court seal at the top and a purple hyperlink to the Northern District of Iowa - Document Filing System.  

  4. Enter your PACER login and password.

  5. Check the box for the Redaction Agreement and click Continue. You have now entered the CM/ECF filing system.

  6. To pay the fee follow the steps below:

  • Civil
  • Admission Payments
  • On the next screen click  on 'Annual Renewal Fee' so it populates the Selected Event text box to the right
  • Click Next, click Next
  • Answer Yes or No, click Next, click Next
  • Review the information, click Next and enter your PACER password and click Login
  • Enter your credit card information, click Next
  • Check the box for authorization to charge your credit card, and click Submit and you will be returned to CM/ECF to complete the filing.
  • Complete the screens in CM/ECF until you reach the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) screen. Print the NEF for your records.           

Any changes you need to make to your address, telephone number, firm information or email address, will need to be done in PACER. PACER will submit the changes to the court.

If you are having trouble with your PACER login or password, you must contact directly. The clerk's office cannot reset your PACER information.

If you need to link your CM/ECF and PACER accounts, but cannot remember your login or password to the CM/ECF system, please complete the CM/ECF Online Password Reset Form.