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How do I get a refund if my credit card is charged twice for a filing?


If it has been determined that a duplicate payment was made through, a Clerk's Office cashier will notify counsel. Counsel will request a refund in writing to the Clerk of Court on firm letterhead.  This request should include:

1.  A summary of why you are requesting the refund;
2.  Name on the credit card used;
3.  Type of credit card;
4.  Last 4 digits of the credit card number;
5.  The receipt number and date paid;
6.  The case number; and 
7.  The dollar amount

The letter can be emailed to:

or mailed to:

U.S. District Courthouse
Clerk's Office
111 7th Avenue SE, Box 12
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401-2101
or faxed to:

(319) 286-2301

Once approval is granted by the Clerk of Court, a cashier will process a refund through A staff note will be docketed in the particular case once a refund has been issued.