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What case records are available at the courthouses in the Northern District of Iowa?

Courthouse FAQ

In Cedar Rapids and Sioux City, there is a public terminal available in the Clerk's Office.  You may look up cases that are on our electronic system. Sealed documents in a case are not available.  Cases prior to 2004 may not be on the court's electronic system. There may be cases that are partially available in electronic format. Cases not available in electronic format may be archived at the National Records Center. Please note that, in 2008, the Cedar Rapids courthouse was flooded and records were destroyed.  The Clerk's Office no longer has documentation available for those cases (Flood Files).

You may contact the Clerk's Office to see if the file you are seeking is available electronically, is located at the National Records Center, or has been designated a Flood File.  You may also request information from the National Records Center.



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