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Transcript Requests Not Covered Under the Criminal Justice Act:        

All transcripts in the Northern District of Iowa are ordered by contacting the court reporter who maintains the official court record for a proceeding.  Counsel and/or interested parties should refer to the minutes of a proceeding filed on the docket to obtain the court reporter’s name. The court reporter is listed on the top right of the minutes at the entry for “Official Court Record.”  Contact information for the court reporters is listed below.  (Note:  Contacting the court reporters by email may result in a quicker response due to their schedules.)

 When contacting the court reporter, please include the following:

  • Contact information of ordering party (name, email, phone number)
  • Case name and number
  • Proceeding to be transcribed
  • Date of proceeding
  • Deadline, if any, for the transcript

Transcript preparation and delivery times begin when satisfactory payment arrangements have been made with the court reporter.  Deposits are frequently required before an order is accepted. 

Transcripts of sealed proceedings can only be ordered by the parties who participated in the hearing.  If any other party wishes to have a transcript prepared of a sealed proceeding, a motion needs to be filed with the court and ruled upon.

Transcript Requests Covered Under the Criminal Justice Act: 

Transcript requests by CJA counsel are made only through eVoucher.  Transcript preparations and delivery time calculations for CJA transcripts begin when a judge authorizes a transcript request submitted by CJA counsel.  For assistance with eVoucher authorization, contact Denise Pickens at (319) 286-2307 or Misti Michel at (319) 286-2317.  For addtiional information regarding eVoucher see eVoucher page.

90-day Restriction Availability:

When transcripts are prepared, they are filed on the docket through CM/ECF and are restricted from public access for a minimum of 90 days.  During the 90-day restriction period, the public may purchase a copy from the court reporter.  After the 90-day period, the public may purchase a copy from the court reporter, from the Clerk’s office, or through PACER.  ***Transcripts sealed by the court will remain sealed.***

Link to Federal Court Reporting Program

Transcript Category Names and Transcript Rates

Court Reporter Contact Information: 

Patrice Murray (319) 286-2338
Shelly Semmler (712) 233-3846
FTR Gold - Cedar Rapids (319) 286-2300  
FTR Gold - Sioux City (712) 233-3900  
Court Reporter Not Listed (319) 286-2300  
Sarah Ditmmer (641) 856-5591
Angela Maddux (319) 610-9513
Shannon Benter-Moine (319) 480-0908 
Ellen Tucker (319) 899-9456
Carin Eckoff (712) 271-7111
Kay Carr (319) 398-3920